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Aquadig Vacuum Excavations

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57 Hives Road , North Maclean, QLD 4280
57 Hives Road, North Maclean, QLD 4280

Overview of Aquadig Vacuum Excavations

AquaDig Vacuum Excavation is a safely- focused business, who are committed to be your first-choice provider in our infrastructure. AquaDig vacuum excavation have over 20 years’ experience in civil construction which over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the scope of works we perform. AquaDig Vacuum excavation understand the importance of safety requirements and time frames and thrive on exceeding our customers’ expectations with high quality performance.

Services offered by Aquadig Vacuum Excavations

At AquaDig Vacuum Excavation we have a wide range of services that we provide from Vacuum excavation to even repairing pipes, we have differnet sizing of vacuum trucks to make even the most difficult jobs easy. See below our services and a short description of what each service entails. For a further description of our services please refer to our capability statement, this will tell you everything you need to know about AquaDig Vacuum Excavation and the services we provide.

Each Vac truck is equiped with all the tools and equipment needed for any job. To eliminate any difficult job our Vacuum hoses vary in sizes from 4" to 6" which give us the ability to vac/dig all ground conditions
Vac trucks can perform different types of services and can get in places other plant equipment like excavators cant.

The many different services that vac trucks can provide are;
Non-destructive digging (example. around tree roots)
Locating services (water mains, electrical,gas)
Tunnel boring for under roads or drive ways
Post holes
And even the simple jobs like cleaning down roads, pathways, walls etc.
The vac trucks also come with a small red hand jetter to connect to the truck to clean out small conduits.

Aquadig Vacuum Excavation provide a Drain Cleaner to clean sewer and stormwater drains to get them spic n span.
Our drain cleaner has a 2000 liter tank of water, around 140 meters of hose and various types of jet heads to attach to the hose for all different pipe sizes and different materials in the pipes.
AquaDig employees are certified with a stand pipe ticket and an on hand stand pipe for various locations, which is cost effective and time efficient for our customers, as there is minimal down time.

Aquadig Vacuum Excavation have CCTV pipe inspection units to inspect all types of under ground pipes. At AquaDig we use the WinCam program and our operators have had alot of training to ensure they are fully qualified to perform this service.
AquaDig have various sized camera set ups, we supply a Push Camera to inspect the pipes that are 100 diameter and smaller, the push camera also has a bendy rod to inspect pipes with varios bends.
We have a tractor cam mini to inspect 100 dia pipes, we also use the mini when the acces point to the pipe is too small to fit the regular tractor cam.
Our regular tractor cam has 3 different wheel settings for different sized pipes from 150 diameter up to 1200 diameter. The tractor also comes with elevator set ups to help the camera lence to be in the center of the pipe.

AquaDig Vacuum Excavation can now perform pipe repairs!
Aquadig have a team of operators who perform the pipe repairs, they have gone through continuous training to ensure they are 100% qualified to perform a repair. We can perform a repair on various pipe sizes from 50 diameter to 650 diameter. 
When performing a repair, the services also included are; Drain cleaning the line before hand to ensure the pipe is free from dirt, rocks, etc., the incision of the repair, re-inspection of the pipe to ensure the repair is complete & also reports are given at the completion of the works.
The pipe repairs also have a 50 year warrenty!

And finally AquaDig now have Confined space, all of Aquadigs operators have recently gone through the confined space and gas testing course and are all certified to complete confined space works. Aquadig also have the capability to issue work permits as well to make the process alot more easier. Confined space can be requested at any time with any service. 
Aquadig have the full equipment set up including tripods, winches, harnesses, gas detecttors, etc. and all our equipment is tested to ensure the safety for all.

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