1t - 2t Electric Forklift for Hire

1t - 2t Size
2016 Year
Safety Hard hat is recommended
Trailer Suitable trailer is required
Electric Forklift Description

An electric forklift is a must for moving, lifting, stacking and moving materials. They are especially essential in warehouses. Electric forklifts are incredibly versatile as they can be used indoors without concern of emissions or toxic fumes.

Electric Forklift Specifications
  • Length to forkface 2m to 2.3m
  • Overhead guard height 2.23m
  • Width 1.11m
  • Max lifting capacity 1360kg to 2721kg
  • Max travel speed (with full load) 14.5km/h
  • Max lift speed full load 18m per min
Electric Forklift Features
  • Compact so you can work in tight spaces.
  • Easy to use
  • Power Steering
  • Counter balanced
  • Able to be operated indoors
  • Eco-friendly
Electric Forklift Application
  • Stacking
  • General Warehousing
  • Transporting Heavy Goods
Why Hire an Electric Forklift Through iSeekplant

iSeekplant makes hiring a forklift as easy as booking an Uber! Simply confirm the dates you need the forklift and where you need and iSeekplant will reserve the the machine for you and find the best local forklift supplier to complete the job.

iSeekplant has over 75 forklift suppliers listed on our platform meaning no matter where you are or when you require the forklift, iSeekplant will be able to match you with the right supplier.

Reserve an electric forklift for your project using the toolbar on the right of the page. iSeekplant will instantly process your reservation and confirm it with a local forklift supplier. No upfront payment is required to make your forklift reservation meaning if the details of your project change you have the flexibility to change your booking.

Once you have reserved your machine the iSeekplant project’s team takes over and contacts local suppliers for you to arrange the final booking. This means that you don’t have to worry about contacting multiple suppliers to check machine availability and hire rates, iSeekplant handles the entire process for you.

iSeekplant also allows our users to leave reviews and feedback for our suppliers meaning you know you can trust the supplier providing your forklift.

Every job is different and by using iSeekplant’s network of suppliers you can be sure you will get the best forklift for your job. Our suppliers have large fleets which include; electric forklifts, LPG forklifts and diesel forklifts. Furthermore, they also have forklifts in a large range of sizes.

Whatever project you need a forkliftfor iSeekplant will be able to match you with the right supplier at the right price.

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What is a Forklift?

A forklift is a heavy-duty powered vehicle that is used to lift and move materials over short distances. Forklifts were invented in 1906, and have been used on sites around the world, where they’ve become a staple for most warehouse and factory operations. The machinery is named after their forklike prongs, which slide under a load to pick it up. Forklifts vary in load capacity and power supply, with some powered by LPG gas and petrol, diesel, and even electricity. Forklifts are a small vehicle with a rear-wheel drive and a raisable fork at the front, where cargo and materials can be placed for transport. The ability to vertically lift and lower the forks by the operator is achieved through a lever that controls pressure within the machine’s hydraulic cylinders. On the technical side of things, forklifts are powered by two intertwining mechanisms, hydraulic cylinders and roller chain pulleys, which utilise pressure to raise and lower cargo on the forks.As different industries have started to use them over the years, forklifts have been customised to carry different materials and traverse different ground materials. Now forklifts are used to move shipping containers and transport construction materials on infrastructure projects as well as their normal warehouse uses. Forklifts for hire are an extremely popular machine, both for wet and dry hire, as their ability to lift and move large quantities and weights of material in small spaces is special to them alone.

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What is the best forklift brand?

With a range of brands to choose from it is important you are looking for a high quality forklift to use, as they are not a small investment.Now since being invented in 1906, the forklift has come a very long way and has become an extremely popular machine, both for wet and dry hire, as their ability to lift and move large quantities and weights of material in small spaces is special to them alone. Being such a staple for most warehouses and factory operations you want to make sure you are choosing the right brand.There is an extensive variety of considerations to take into account when pursuing the purchase of a forklift. As when choosing a forklift brand you must take into account the reliability, safety, durability and efficiency of each machine.

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