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Happy Customer – D&M Plant Hire

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D&M Plant Hire enjoys a healthy working relationship with iSeekplant having commenced in 2013.
Our relationship is built on mutual trust, respect and a desire to provide our respective customer base with the very best goods, services and advice.
D&M Plant Hire operates in a very competitive market, therefore we constantly measure ourselves against industry civil and mining expectations, trends and innovations.
A point of difference for us in meeting and/or exceeding market expectations is our reliance on iSeekplant in providing ongoing excellence in timely, accurate and comprehensive project leads leading to tender opportunities and winning of work packages.
iSeekplant has become a valuable asset in our ongoing success and long term sustainability by providing healthy dividends on investment in their services.
I would highly recommend iSeekplant’s services to anyone in guaranteeing quality business outcomes that will only enhance the companies profile.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with iSeekplant for many years to come.

Ray Phillips, General Manager of D&M Plant Hire – Advertiser and Tier 1 Member

D&M 6x3m Signage@3.28 percent

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Sally was born into the quarrying industry in North Queensland the 1980s. One of her first memories was being lifted onto a sand stack at a quarry plant in Townsville in a 950B Caterpillar Front-End Loader bucket – her and the other kids of unsafe parents would ride cardboard boxes down the stacks for fun. You could do things like that in the 1980s without your site getting shut down. Her love of the industry started there. She studied marketing at University, where her Dad worried every day that she was going to turn out a ‘lefty’, then got excited by the bright lights of Sydney, where she worked for Samsung and Microsoft in technology marketing. It wasn’t until 2011, when founders Drew, Matt and Shaun came to her with their idea to take plant hire online, that she gladly returned reinvigorated her love of dusty demountable offices, the smell of grease, the straight-talking, no-nonsense, salt-of-the-earth industry that was always more relevant to her than the marbled foyers of the skyscrapers of the big smoke. In 2012, she started writing about industry issues, keen to have a forum to share her considerable opinions. It gathered steam, as people started to like her funny, self-deprecating but well-written and researched pieces about industry issues. Her Dad started calling her the ‘Flapping Mouth of Plant Hire’ relieved that she was using her consummate writing ability to advocate for economic progress – that nickname stuck, and now The Flapping Mouth has tens of thousands of readers each week and month, and is a premier news source and social platform for the plant and equipment hire industry.

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